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Get Your Feet Wet in Affiliate Marketing by Creating a Website

Get Your Feet Wet in Affiliate Marketing by Creating a Website

First, a Quick Review of the Past

You're right, I fell victim to my first newbie scam after attempting to type on the Internet. Because I was paid, it wasn't a scam. However, I put in a lot of time and effort for a very low salary. Is there anything about that that screams "green, naive newbie?" That's correct, I'm sorry to say. As a result, I gave up on that and started looking for a way to make money online — affiliate marketing was the solution. And so, my journey began.

A Web host and a domain name

The more I learned from other people's experiences, the more I understood the importance of setting up a website and registering a domain name to make a long-term effort to succeed in affiliate marketing. A good web host and domain name later, I was ready to get started on my website.

If you're a novice web developer and need a quick online presence, I'd recommend a web host that provides web tools, such as Site Studio. Time, money, and the ability to get moving quickly are all advantages.

Creating a Web Site

It was my first time creating a website, so I decided to use FrontPage and a little HTML. In my initial try, the website was abysmal, the color was what I refer to as "Medicine Yellow"—and nobody wanted to hurt my feelings about it! Then again, I was still basking in the light, and working with my eyes closed. (This was my first error; I should have taken use of the Site Studio that was made accessible to me due to my inadequate expertise.)

My initial try didn't last long, so it's no surprise. So, I got back to work and redesigned my dreadful website for the second time. I went with a dark green with a gray undertone as the foundation color. I felt it was attractive at the time. A friend told me, "You're getting better," which made me feel good. However, it had a forlorn air about it.

After a year of using Times Roman, I came across an article that claimed, "even though it is simple to read, it reads amateur all over it." It occurred to me right away that I would have to redo my website from scratch.

As a result, I began the process of reorganizing my website once more. Since I had to change everything anyway, I went with a lighter shade of green for my website, which was redesigned four times by Google Ads, and switched to the typeface "Arial".

Georgia or Arial are the two fonts that are said to give your website a professional appearance. They were, in fact, correct. After switching from "Times Roman" to "Arial," my website had a more polished and professional appearance.

Your website's color scheme plays an important role in how visitors perceive your site. If they don't like the color, they're just a click away from erasing your site from their mind.

In my opinion, my website is now more presentable, brighter, and personable as a result of all the work I've put into it. It's important for you and me to understand, however, that you'll never be finished with your website. The appearance, products, and services you offer to visitors should always be improved.

Participation in a Network

You cannot be an affiliate marketer if you don't have products to promote. You can begin your journey as an affiliate marketer by looking for items that fit your theme and from which you can make a commission by looking at the following websites. The Commission Junction ClickBank\s BeFree

Once your website is up and running, you'll notice that some suppliers may write you and ask whether you'd want to sell their products for them. Even if it's flattering, make sure you can seamlessly incorporate it into the overall tone of your website.

Taking Your First Steps

Regardless of whether the water is hot or cold, you have to get your feet wet to begin your voyage online (I think my feet were in the chilly phase). Get your ducks in a row, do your homework, and start your voyage. You'll never take the plunge if you wait too long to jump in.

Even if you have to step away from your computer for a few days to reorganize your thoughts, do so with a positive attitude.

It's clear that I jumped in, had some failures and disappointments, but also some personal successes as a result, as you can see from my own experience. For the most part, the most important thing is to keep your mind shut off from your own negative thoughts and those of others. Why? They can paralyze you and put a halt to your path to success.

If you know in your heart that what you're doing is going to work, don't say a word; just keep going. Naysayers will soon be saying something positive.

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